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From independent videomakers to professional filmmakers and TV broadcasters, our hand-curated production music for film and TV is available to all creators.

We believe that all projects, big or small, deserve the best production music available. Our library is hand-curated to ensure the highest audio and production quality, making it easier to find the best music for your film, TV programme or broadcast.

Featured Tracks in Film & TV

Music Licensing Made Simple

Traditional music licensing can often be complicated or expensive.  At Melodicloud, our music licensing has been designed to suit all budgets and types of media production. Our license covers usage for the life of your film or TV production with a single fee and no renewal. All music is pre-cleared, ContentID free and available to download straight after purchase.

Professional Composers

Our independent composers are skilled in writing music especially for film, television and broadcast media. Melodicloud is frequently updated with new, original music and offers a fantastic selection of film and TV production genres. Whether you create blockbuster movies, TV game shows, children’s television or news and current affairs programmes, we make it easy to find the perfect soundtrack for your project.