Amazing Music for Advertising

Get your product, brand or business noticed with our hand-picked music for advertising.

Capture your market with dynamic and modern music for social media advertising, corporate presentations and lifestyle/luxury brands. Find the perfect music for TV adverts, radio commercials and promotional videos to get your clients brand, product or service noticed.

Featured Tracks in Advertising

Get Your Brand Seen & Heard

The power of music when marketing brands is vitally important. We select our music for advertising to suit many types of brands, products and services. Our talented composers regularly update Melodicloud music library with fresh, new music that gets your brand, product or service seen, heard and remembered.

License Music for TV, Radio & Social Media.

Our music licensing has been designed to suit many types of advertising usage. All the music on Melodicloud is pre-cleared and ContentID free so when you use our music for Youtube videos, you can be confident that your video can be monetised. Our Professional license and Producer license cover synchronisation in TV and Radio advertising either locally, nationally, or worldwide so you can reach your audience, wherever they are.