131 02:00

A mellow, bright instrumental piano piece layered with soft synth pads evoking a feeling of wonder, tranquility and inspiration. Ideal uses could include scenes in heaven, music for meditation or a scene in a new age spa, background music for images of nature and music for a fantasy video game.

131 01:43

A magical and mystical orchestral piece featuring woodwinds, piano, harp, synth pads, percussion, bells, celesta and choir aahs. Ideal as music for an adventure movie, dream scene, enchanted forest or video game music.

132 01:38

A wondrous, mystical instrumental piece featuring piano, synth and orchestral instruments. Ideal as music for an adventure or fantasy scene, a film involving mystical beings and creatures, scenes in heaven or music for meditation.

120 01:39

A magical, mystical orchestral track featuring piano, soft synths, woodwinds, flute, percussion, harp, celesta, glockenspiel and strings. Ideal for use in fantasy, heavenly or dreamy scenes and as video game music.

80 02:10

A Celtic inspired track with a mellow yet elegant feel. Best suited to scenes inspired by Medieval times or Camelot, castles, knights and kings.

116 02:30

A beautiful flowing piece of music. This is meant to envoke memories of years gone by waking up on christmas morning to the excitement of people, food and merriment. Purposefully orchestral to make the audience feel emotional.

90 03:59

An epic Ethnic World song that mixes instruments from East and West. As the track builds it introduces new elements until the final section where the epic character is fully revealed.
Featured instruments include flute, mither, mandolin, strings, cello, violin, shamisen and low choir. Also, the track has percussion like big taikos, dhol, log drum, gong and waterphone. A great fit for travel, documentary, time–lapse videos or games and commercial.

85 02:09

Beautiful atmospheric track creating an ethereal vibe. This piece combines plenty of ethnic tonal instruments like steel drum (tongue drum), kalimba, celesta along with other non-pitched percussion instruments.

120 01:15

Peaceful and flowing, uplifting and inspiring.

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