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142 01:38

A high-energy synth-based rock instrumental that evokes a nostalgic, retro party atmosphere. Ideal uses could include: an 80s film/spoof, a scene in a nightclub/bar, music for credits rolling, an 80s road trip scene, music for videos of people with big/long hair, footage from the 1980s etc.

112 01:27

A positive, inspiring corporate track with a tropical vibe evoking a feeling of optimism and progress. Ideal uses could include corporate training videos for a tropical resort or music for high-end luxury hotels and island getaways.

138 01:35

An inspirational piano and orchestral track that evokes a feeling of positivity and progress. Ideal for a scene involving people helping the community, a commercial for a college/university, podcast music or as music for a highlight reel.

127 01:34

Step into the new age with this modern synth corporate track featuring synths, synth drums, digital swells and soft pads. Great used as music for a technology commercial, college or university promotional video, scenes in a hi-tech laboratory or as music for a training video.

175 01:53

An elegant classical piano piece that provides emotion to a scene. Ideal uses could include romantic scenes, a scene in a restaurant or somebody dreaming.

120 01:42

A gentle classical piano piece that provides warmth and emotion to a scene. Ideal for a scene in an elegant restaurant, romantic scene or scene of someone dreaming.

160 01:36

A happy and uplifting instrumental track featuring marimba, percussion, pizzicato strings, claps, piano and glockenspiel. Ideal as music for a podcast or commercial, telephone on-hold music or scenes involving people celebrating or children playing in the sunshine.

151 01:31

An uplifting piano and orchestral track with light synth pads. Uses could include music for a positive commercial, image slideshows of sunny skies or bright futures and inspiring music for podcasts.

210 01:30

This upbeat track is full of happiness, Motown and Swing. Set around an infectious drum beat and bass line that moves your body, the horns in the melody is just the icing on top.

124 02:05

Driving Holiday Christmas track with a jangly acoustic guitar and driving drums, featuring catchy group vocals and sleigh bells

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