100 03:06

This royalty free music is a positive corporate track featuring ambient elements, guitars and tuned percussions over a modern rhythmic section.
The mood is bright, motivating and inspiring, ideal for successful stories related to business, technology, science, medical and lifestyle.

122 03:11

Intense, powerful corporate pop that stands for professionalism and success.

115 02:58

Atmospheric, corporate, melancholic, track, with a deep, surround sound. Associated with corporate film scientific experiments and space.

90 02:56

We all have a brand new beginning ahead of us. This track represents that idea. Featuring piano, violin, cello, electronics and percussions.

100 03:28

Instrumental music made for piano and orchestra. The music describes a calm and melancholic or night scene from the start with piano and cello, and then evolves into something with lot of activity and motion, thanks to the incorporation of orchestral instruments. Great track for advertising, cinematic, presentations and scenes of melancholy to happiness, dark to light, or other similar kinds of transformation.

120 01:27

instrumental music composition made for orchestra. It has taiko drums and war horns. Very good for epic films and documentary travel productions. Also fits perfectly in advertising and other media. The mood is determined and aggressive, maybe explaining about the hard life, engaging in a war or an epic journey.

120 03:02

instrumental music made for piano and orchestra. The style is very near to classical soundtrack music, and the mood is uplifting and sentimental. This music is led by a piano at the start, with a positive and a little bit melancholic and sentimental mood. Later gains energy and optimism with the entrance of the rest of the orchestra instruments, snare and percussion. Finally, the snares are marking a steady rhythm that brings to us positive patriotic feeling.

127 01:52

Joyful and bright, featuring heartwarming strings, percussion, and piano that create a playful and nostalgic mood.

128 02:04

A larger than life epic, inspiring and optimistic corporate track with big drums, strings, sound effects and synths.

155 04:28

This mellow Drum and Bass track starts off with an encouraging and hopeful feeling of a new beginning. A reassuring rich piano and deep swirling bass line build up to a contemporary corporate track for technology and media productions.

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