141 02:10

Neo Soul, funk jazz in the style of the “Brand New Heavies”. There’s a screaming synth lead solo, a saxophone melody and a great funky organ player!

122 01:54

An elegant, gentle classical piano piece that provides warmth and emotion to a scene. Ideal uses could include romantic scenes in an elegant restaurant or a scene of somebody dreaming.

124 02:10

A jazzy trio of piano, bass and drums set an elegant mood of classy sophistication. Ideal as music for a sophisticated party, Sunday brunch, cocktail hour or scenes of wealthy people gathering.

60 02:48

Sophisticated and atmospheric track with pulsing ambient piano, morphing pads, bells and ethereal female voice. Travelling through times…

140 03:45

Elegant and stylish chill out music with calm reflective feel. Royalty free music for technology documentaries, gamming and contemporary video productions.

100 03:24

A chill, sensual music piece with distorted ambient electric guitars, deep basses and drums, best for luxury, tech, promo or sexy intimate contents.

125 02:06

A suspenseful orchestral comedy track. The low pizzicato strings and the clock ticking give this music a semi-dark mysterious feeling, while the rest of the instruments color the tune in more comic colors, turning it suitable for whimsical commercials, ads, youtube videos with a wink and animations. This music is like a realization that something is wrong in toy-land and the investigation is starting. Full of fun instrumentation and melodies.

135 04:44

A spacial Deep House banger with smooth analog bass, subtle chords and echoing arpeggios. A rolling background night club style Dance music for 2020.

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