Relaxed - Page 9

95 02:50

Trip-hop influenced, cool with a mid-tempo vibe. Upright bass riff with jazz electric piano moods. Determined drum beats and a laid back, confident groove.

100 03:07

Instrumental corporate music, composed for acoustic guitars, piano, and percussion. Ideal for commercial projects and advertising, also great for films, tv-series and podcasts.

90 01:54

A beautiful acoustic guitar in open tuning that evokes natural, simple settings that put the listener at ease. Great track for use in woodworking/handiwork, crafts, food preparation, country and small-town travel.

- 05:26

Royalty free ambient meditation instrumental music with an ethereal serene feel and echoing water drops. A background for relaxation or guided meditation video, relaxing vlog, yoga exercise class, zen spa ambience or commercial business use.

75 07:54

Relaxing and thoughtful, soothing, ambient background music. Invokes a dreamy sense of floating, meditation and gentle movement.

95 02:08

Inspiring cinematic music featuring a unique blend of orchestral elements, acoustic plucked guitars and modern synthesizer. The mood is bright and relaxing, ideal for life, nature, family and love related projects.

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