90 02:58

Everyday Life is inspirational corporate ambient music featuring soft synthesizer plucks and emotional melodies backed by an elegant grand piano.
The mood is positive and relaxing.

100 03:14

Relaxing and inspiring digital lullaby featuring dreamy melodies over a background of delicate ambient pads and synthesizers.
Suitable for relaxation, meditation, time-lapse and aerial contents.

54 02:34

Slowly Walking Down The Moon is a beautiful inspirational and peaceful slow piano piece.

74 02:16

Joli Piano is a contemplative, relaxing royalty-free piano centred track, with lush pizzicato strings.

98 02:24

Gentle and heartwarming acoustic music track with bright guitars, softly hummed voices, piano, strings, percussions and live drums.

110 02:27

Light and heartwarming acoustic music track to set a soft feel-good mood.
Features ukuleles, acoustic guitars, bells, handclaps, piano, strings and light brushed drums.

98 02:46

Atmospheric Latin pop with a strong Mediterranean vibe.

90 01:54

A beautiful acoustic guitar in open tuning that evokes natural, simple settings that put the listener at ease. Great track for use in woodworking/handiwork, crafts, food preparation, country and small town travel.

100 03:07

Instrumental corporate music, composed for acoustic guitars, piano, and percussion. Ideal for commercial projects and advertising, also great for films, tv-series and podcasts.

110 04:02

Instrumental ambient music made with synthesizers, guitars and pianos. Best suited to science and technology topics in advertising, documentaries and commercials.

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