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120 02:27

Give the listener a massive cinematic experience with this powerful, heroic track. An epic, mighty theme filled with soaring strings, powerful drums and dark brass.

80 02:09

Rumbling and rolling drums, staccato strings, piercing synths, sound design and epic impacts. Immerse yourself in the cold, aggressive world of the battlefield.

98 01:57

A great threat to humanity has arisen and it’s time to assemble the most powerful super hero team on earth for the final epic battle!

172 01:56

Powerful, fast, futuristic, drum and bass background music. Dynamic beats and breaks, aggressive synths, vocal samples and edgy sound effects.

132 03:31

A sense of anticipation, the day of the big Event. A guitar riff sets the stage and then the whole band gets in on this energetic, positive rock tune with relentless electric guitars over a bombastic dance groove.

175 04:05

A ‘Mission Impossible’ style Drum and Bass track with a ‘James Bond’ style breakdown. Powerful brass, deep bass line and solid break beats drive this energetic cinematic soundtrack. Perfect for crime/spy, undercover agent and action scenes in movies. Also, epic trailers, extreme YouTube clips and fast paced video games.

135 01:59

A powerful, repetitive “jungle” type beat. This track mainly features African drums and percussion, however, there are short flute passages and a reed instrument in spots to add extra interest.

120 02:34

An uplifting, motivating and adventurous orchestral theme with a piano, strings, big horns and epic drums. Best for cinematic trailers, inspiring documentaries, award ceremony music, nature clips or adventure games.

120 02:23

A fast moving, powerful track with thundering percussion, a strong brass section, choir and climbing string ensembles. Pure orchestral power is seamlessly fused with modern sound design to bring you a heroic, hybrid experience.

138 02:22

Rumbling and rolling drums, textured strings, battle horns, bruising brass, epic impacts and distorted Synths. Immerse yourself in the aggressive world of powerful, fast moving and intense Trailer Music.

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