85 02:55

This dreamy track uses the sexy sound of the saxophone, along with laid-back drums, twangy electric guitar, and piano chords, mixed with synthesizer arpeggios, to create a seductive mood.

122 02:31

Gentle and warm-hearted acoustic music track with bright guitars resolves in epic trailer cue. Featuring picked and strummed acoustic guitars, electric guitar, bass, strings, piano, bells, drums and percussion.

122 02:34

A bright and driving acoustic music track in a warm heartwarming mood that’s constantly building. Features acoustic guitars, driving kick drum and percussions, bass, pads and strings.

90 02:23

Light acoustic music track to set a carefree and feel-good mood. Features ukuleles, bells, strings, brushed drums and live sung „uh“ background vocals.

110 01:08

Contemporary piano-driven music, relaxed and inspirational.

122 01:44

Corporate upbeat royalty free music led by an elegant piano, delivering emotional vibes and an overall positive mood. Ideal for business, lifestyle, technology and inspiring contents.

93 02:16

This is a happy laid back instrumental track. The genre is between Funk and Country. It has a happy and distinct melody in the verse part played by the ukulele. And a more pop-inspired melody in the chorus played by piano and marimba in octaves.

120 02:14

Inspiring corporate upbeat music with guitar plucks, modern synthesizers and energetic rhythms delivering an overall positive mood.
Ideal for business, technology, lifestyle and commercial projects.

160 01:28

Tropical electronic royalty free music with chill vibes and an overall positive mood, best for lifestyle, travel, and summer related contents.

100 03:06

This royalty free music is a positive corporate track featuring ambient elements, guitars and tuned percussions over a modern rhythmic section.
The mood is bright, motivating and inspiring, ideal for successful stories related to business, technology, science, medical and lifestyle.

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