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188 01:11

A vintage rag time piano instrumental reminiscent of old western saloon music. Ideal uses could include music for a bar/saloon scene or vintage black and white vaudeville footage.

138 01:35

An inspirational piano and orchestral track that evokes a feeling of positivity and progress. Ideal for a scene involving people helping the community, a commercial for a college/university, podcast music or as music for a highlight reel.

137 01:46

A lighthearted orchestral piece that evokes a feeling of positivity. Ideal uses could include scenes involving schools and education, a commercial for a college/university or corporate training videos.

149 01:56

A bright/happy instrumental track featuring marimba, xylophone, strings and various percussion. Ideal uses could include a happy commercial or music for children’s programming and corporate videos.

127 01:34

Step into the new age with this modern synth corporate track featuring synths, synth drums, digital swells and soft pads. Great used as music for a technology commercial, college or university promotional video, scenes in a hi-tech laboratory or as music for a training video.

151 01:31

An uplifting piano and orchestral track with light synth pads. Uses could include music for a positive commercial, image slideshows of sunny skies or bright futures and inspiring music for podcasts.

88 01:37

Light acoustic guitar cue featuring strings, piano, uplifting melody and a peaceful, hopeful and uplifting mood. For use in TV, film, commercials, videos.

128 01:49

A beautiful, optimistic and positive track with soft melodies played by piano and synths. It has groovy drums, background string orchestra and sound effects. Appropriate for innovative videos, technological presentations and commercials but also for projects that have science and discovery themes or emotional and inspiring moments.

80 02:06

Calm and modern corporate track with relaxing, sounds, rhythm and melodies for projects about technology, innovation, travel, drone-shots, time-lapse and warm moments.

45 04:07

Meditative relaxing piano with a spacey synth landscape. This simple, relaxing piece is inspired by the background music to the Minecraft video game and is a very non-imposing, transient instrumental which adds to the atmosphere without taking centre stage. Great for video games, historical documentaries, science fiction and nature videos or relaxation and meditation.

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