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125 02:24

A royalty-free background music track with catchy funk ingredients such as dazzling brass sections, passionate horns, funky mute guitars, baritone sax parts, live bass lines and groovy drum beat. Make your openers, lifestyle videos, corporate advertising, youtube videos and event promos cooler than ever! It is the ideal tune for projects where a timeless and classic motivational funk music is needed.

129 01:32

A zany, comedic orchestral piece with silly sound effects sprinkled throughout. Ideal uses could include a comedic scene, scenes involving young children causing trouble, music for a funny cartoon or music for a wacky video game.

131 01:43

A magical and mystical orchestral piece featuring woodwinds, piano, harp, synth pads, percussion, bells, celesta and choir aahs. Ideal as music for an adventure movie, dream scene, enchanted forest or video game music.

87 01:33

A quirky dramedy track featuring modern synthesizers that evokes a silly/sneaky vibe. Ideal as music for a reality show and scenes involving stealthy behaviour etc.

153 01:29

A happy and bright orchestral piece that evokes a feeling of whimsical joy. Ideal uses could include a happy commercial, a scene involving people smiling/clapping or music for children’s programming and joyous occasions like a wedding or anniversary.

144 01:58

The children have notice a cat and mouse doing a peculiar dance. What are they doing? The mystery continues.

108 01:34

Fun, playful, happy, medium tempo indie dance pop background. Vocal shouts, guitars, brass stabs, organ, plucky synths, mid tempo walking pace drums, sound effect builds and transitions. Energetic intro ideal for advertising, kids tv.

110 03:01

This is an easy-going, yet fun, mid-tempo bluesy/boogie track featuring mostly acoustic instruments: a piano, harmonica, acoustic and electric guitars, upright bass and drums.

110 01:36

This Indian positive royalty free upbeat background track is a mix of traditional folk rhythm instruments and future bass elements. This inviting and uplifting cinematic music piece features Indian instruments such us tumbi, tabla, sitar and dhol. It’s more than perfect for your movies, cinema projects, Indian fashion shows, Indian corporate videos and ethnic trailers.

120 01:58

Motivational track of Indian music with Konnakol elements. Konnakol (also spelt Konokol, Konakkol) is the South Indian carnatic vocabulary of vocal syllables used to create rhythmic compositions. Great choice for travel projects, documentaries, dance projects and any ethnic oriented presentation. Features traditional instruments as tumbi, tabla, shehnai, sarod, dholak.

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