150 01:51

Inspiring glitch royalty-free music featuring modern cold elements blended with organic foley samples.
The mood is cold and reflective, ideal for tech, science, business and lifestyle projects.

85 03:22

Ambient, cinematic and electro track with a pop feel. Great for many types of projects including YouTube videos, video games, movies, events and podcasts. This inspirational and reflective track features an electro beat, piano, strings, ambient electro sounds, effects and pads.

100 01:48

Wholesome and earthy acoustic fingerpicking with Americana slide guitar melodies. Wistful & reflective, this track conjures images of the great outdoors and rural life.

88 01:50

Soft, lighthearted and relaxing fingerpicked acoustic folk guitar with intricate summer melodies. Evoking images of the beautiful English countryside.

67 01:17

Roots Reggae takes you to summertime in Jamaica. A bit brooding and chilled sounding but also mysterious and sexy.

90 03:25

A slow and quiet, abstract ambient track made with cascades and waves of sounds. Perfect as background music for yoga classes, meditation, hypnosis, Pilates or nature documentaries.

120 04:16

Relaxing piano with a spacey synth landscape inspired by the background music to the Minecraft video game. This instrumental production adds to the atmosphere of video games, nature documentaries, sci-fi, space and time-lapse videos. Great as background music for inspiring productions.

109 04:13

An ambient, minimal, dreamy and inspiring light music track for a variety of projects. Perfect as background music for TV and radio advertising, films, movie trailers or video games and applications.

93 02:36

Run through the rainforest and jungles to the earthy rhythms and sounds of the Aboriginal world.

120 00:50

A happy, heady mix of African percussion rhythms with Dancehall and Zydeco music that is lively and sure to lift your spirits.

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