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127 01:25

An extremely eerie and tense instrumental piece featuring strings, cymbal swells, percussion and synth that evokes an ominous feeling. Ideal uses could include a scene involving a murder, someone fearful for their life, a nightmare scene or someone being hunted by an evil spirit.

134 01:42

A dark and ominous instrumental piece featuring piano, synths, swells, drums, percussion, harp and sound effects. Ideal uses could include music for a Halloween scene, tense and spooky scenes or an intense encounter between enemies.

68 02:05

Tension cue with film score suspense elements featuring melodic content, scrapes, pulsating synth, hypnotic rhythms, sound FX, breathes, swells and pulsing rhythms that create a ominous, dramatic underscore.

72 01:40

Ominous tension Cue, with suspense elements featuring subtle melodic content, epic drum hits, scrapes, industrial elements, pulsating synth, tribal drum beats and sound effects. Creates a tense, suspenseful mood or underscore in TV, film, commercials, and videos games.

100 02:16

An atmospheric horror track with piano, strings, synths, sound design fx, hard hitting percussion and drums. Great for scenes with tension, investigation and crime but will also work for your Halloween projects.

70 02:00

Dark ominous cue with horror film score elements. Features pulsating synth, hypnotic rhythms, sound FX, swells, drums, cymbal effects, risers, and hits to create a tense, suspenseful, dramatic underscore.

68 01:51

Ominous tension Cue with suspense elements featuring subtle melodic content scrapes, moans, breathes, pulsating synth, hypnotic rhythms, sound FX, swells and risers. Creates a tense, suspenseful, ominous mood, vibe or underscore.

88 02:49

Electronic percussion and eerie electric piano melodies generate an atmosphere of tension and suspense. The mystery thickens and new sound layers are added in a dramatic, hypnotic crescendo with a few stops, perfect for edit points.

110 04:59

Great ambient background track for Halloween or other horror/science fiction uses. This track is loaded with eerie sounds from evil fire to tormented spirits! The song evolves like a movie in your mind. A calm, 3-note bass line, an “in your face” drum kit, and suspenseful strings add to the emotion!

67 01:52

Dark and ominous tension cue with suspense elements including scrapes, pulsating synth, subtle melody and cymbal effects to create a tense and suspenseful vibe.

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