54 02:59

Slow cinematic track made for inspiring, motivational and reflective productions. This hopeful track features real instruments including strings, piano, keyboards, drums and upright bass. A powerful and beautiful piece that will lift any emotional scene.

90 02:32

An oriental track using arabian instruments mixed with modern elements for groovy middle eastern vibes.
Features oud and acoustic guitar along with electric bass, oriental percussion, loops and drums.

92 02:54

Atmospheric, beautiful, melodic, and relaxing lyrical track in the style of artists such as “Gregorian”, “Era” and “Enigma”, with authentic Gregorian chorale, modern electronic and epic drums and synthesizers.

82 02:13

An intense cinematic track with a deep, spacious sound ideal for drama productions.

120 03:30

Very atmospheric cinematic music track, with dark drones, mystical duduk and strings, ancient shamanic voices, scraped percussion and tribal drums.

96 01:52

Brings an image of a Turkish Bazaar. Uses an authentic Turkish string instrument called “Saz” or “Baglama”.

150 03:28

The chase is on! An African influenced action/chase Drum and Bass track. Building up with ethnic percussion and instruments including shakers, flute, very deep horn and Didgeridoo. Huge drums start of the chase as tension builds, then manic driving beats take the chase to a new level. Breaking down with warm atmospheric pads and effected flutes before the chase is on again.

92 02:20

Authentic and melodic this Bollywood Dance track features genuine Indian musical instruments to create an inspirational mood.

106 02:11

Thoughtful and compelling, this track features traditional Vietnamese instruments. Along with a native drum there is a Dan Goong stringed instrument and a Sao Truc, a native flute instrument. The song is moving and a bit mystical.

120 01:16

Done in the style of Thailand using authentic instruments. Has two distinct sections. Percussion, cymbals, hand claps and a marimba type of instrument.

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