90 02:03

This gritty synthesized track blends between major and minor to create a determined track that uses drums and a driving baseline to give a sense of succeeding in whatever you aim to do.

120 02:18

A positive and driven track using drums, percussion, and synth lines that reflects the notion of determination, competitiveness, and the progression of time.

115 03:06

This track is a forward-moving track with a positive/happy atmosphere. It goes from quiet and groovy to a full band playing. It has a very strong melody line played by the piano, but it also contains parts without the melody. It is easy to edit and loop parts of it.

80 02:46

Inspiring cinematic royalty free music with epic melodies and uplifting arrangement, also introducing modern synthesizers and two stops for further editing.
Ideal for corporate, technology, business and life projects.

170 01:23

Inspiring and happy royalty-free tropical music featuring modern synthesizers, acoustic guitar and electronic elements.
The mood is uplifting and dynamic, ideal for summer related contents.

120 01:42

Inspiring and uplifting tropical house with summer vibes and an overall happy mood. Ideal for lifestyle, corporate, business and travel projects.

90 02:01

Uplifting and energetic cinematic royalty-free music delivering inspiring and motivating vibes. Ideal for challenges, sports, technology and business content.

130 02:05

An indie royalty-free upbeat featuring prominent bass lines, catchy synthesizer lines and a solid rhythmic section.
The mood is motivating and energetic, ideal for sports, lifestyle, business and gaming projects.

128 01:52

Inspiring synthwave royalty-free music with upbeat synthesizers and steady drum machines mixed with an overall epic mood.
Ideal for extreme content related to lifestyle, tech, sports and gaming.

115 01:33

A modern funk rock track featuring funky guitars and a steady rhythm delivering motivational vibes.

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