85 01:33

Epic and enormous track with epic percussion, piano, brass, and synths. The uplifting and inspirational mood will evoke feelings of power and confidence.
We are going to defeat the virus, and we are going to do it TOGETHER!

134 02:46

The Sun Always Rises is a track created to take your footage to a deep level of emotion. Featuring piano, cello, choir and percussions, it constantly grows in emotion and intensity, up to an epic climax.

110 01:54

Dark, dramatic and epic orchestral trailer music with string ostinatos, big brass section, synthesizer pulses, drones, deep piano and percussion. Features an energetic and powerful melody that is perfect for cinematic movie trailers, corporate videos, presentations, intros, video games, sports, advertising and teasers.

100 02:30

Instrumental dreamy music composed for orchestra. The music is very descriptive and depicts a nice autumn rain scene in nature. A classical soundtrack with an optimistic and positive mood. This music fits well in films, nature documentaries and clips.

120 02:46

A powerful, inspiring and uplifting piano and orchestra composition that is grandiose and dramatic. This cinematic music track features piano, strings, big drums and horns and is suitable for motivational or inspirational videos, documentary films, trailers, dramatic videos, film scores and commercials.

90 03:59

An epic Ethnic World song that mixes instruments from East and West. As the track builds it introduces new elements until the final section where the epic character is fully revealed.
Featured instruments include flute, mither, mandolin, strings, cello, violin, shamisen and low choir. Also, the track has percussion like big taikos, dhol, log drum, gong and waterphone. A great fit for travel, documentary, time–lapse videos or games and commercial.

150 02:12

The march continues as the powerful dark armies move upon the noble and mighty forces of the light.

114 01:01

Emotional symphonic track composed with piano, strings, female soprano chorus and epic drums. Moment of Freedom evokes a sequence of love, resolution or any emotional journey at the final point.

120 01:10

Epic orchestral track composed with piano, strings, female chorus and drums. This music evokes a rising moment in search of freedom, love, resolution or any emotional journey at the final point.

90 02:31

Instrumental music made for orchestra and piano. The music is solemn with a steady rhythm, and the style is very near to a classical soundtrack. The composition is lead by a piano, playing the main notes and rhythm. Other instruments like violas, violins and general strings are added, giving energy and solemnity to the composition. The percussion and the snares creates more power at the end.

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