94 02:44

Heartwarming, magical royalty-free music background with acoustic guitars, a piano, strings, glockenspiel and female background vocals.

110 01:39

Beautiful and relaxing Christmas track. This inspirational and reflective track features piano, strings, and glockenspiel and is ideal for all types of Christmas productions

110 01:13

Magical Christmas is a beautiful and inspiring orchestral track. This piece is ideal for a variety of projects including promotional videos, commercials and advertisements or YouTube videos.

130 01:17

Happy Christmas Day is an uplifting and orchestral piece. This beautiful and inspiring seasonal track is ideal for promotional videos, TV ads and YouTube videos.

122 02:09

An uplifting oriental-style track for groovy middle-eastern vibes.
Features oriental instruments with acoustic and flamenco guitars, electric bass, hummed live voices, strings, oriental percussion and drums.

105 02:57

Positive, acoustic instrumental music featuring guitar, glockenspiel, piano, cello, violin and strings. Ideal for optimistic and hopeful topics in films, tv series and nature documentaries. Also great for events and presentations.

150 01:11

Fairy Tales is a short orchestral piece in the style of classic animated movies.

80 01:48

Peaceful Christmas song with beautiful melodies and an introspective mood that let your imagination flow to an idyllic Christmas season. This song will evoke feelings of happiness, joy, love and heartwarming. This track performs well for Christmas tv commercials and video ads.

77 01:32

An inspirational take on the public domain Christmas classic. Moving and dramatic.

90 02:03

Calm, atmospheric and dreamy track with the indian flute Bansuri. Great for deep meditation and yoga, travel, lifestyle and nature documentaries, soundscapes and all kinds of beautiful backgrounds.

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