106 05:00

Just Breathe is a blissful, meditative ambient instrumental. Featuring windchimes, drones, and numerous electronic instruments, this atmospheric track conjures up feelings of peace and love.

94 02:07

Happy feel-good acoustic tune to set an uplifting easygoing and cheerful mood.
Features ukuleles, whistles, handclaps, glockenspiel, bells, piano and bouncy drums.

132 01:46

A bright and positive track featuring ukulele, piano, drums, bass, claps and glockenspiel. The bouncy and joyful mood will evoke feelings of happiness and fun. Enjoy your smiling mornings!

139 03:31

A lively Latin House track with big Latin piano chords and a busy bass line dropping into manic percussive sections. This stomping dance track has plenty of busy percussion from cow bells, bongos and triangle to woodblocks, timbale and a cuica just to name a few.

120 02:58

An inspirational and positive track with piano, guitars, strings, bass and drums. Music that creates an atmosphere of success and accomplishment.

180 01:44

Authentic and friendly sounding, traditional Mexican instruments perform a Mariachi piece.

147 01:55

A positive and light-hearted orchestral piece that evokes a feeling of happiness. Ideal for a happy commercial, scenes involving people smiling and having fun or as music for children’s programming

153 02:08

An instrumental ragtime piece for piano reminiscent of early 20th-century music of Vaudeville. Great as music for a silent film, a vintage highlight reel or documentary and happy, lighthearted scenes.

160 01:36

A happy and uplifting instrumental track featuring marimba, percussion, pizzicato strings, claps, piano and glockenspiel. Ideal as music for a podcast or commercial, telephone on-hold music or scenes involving people celebrating or children playing in the sunshine.

120 02:03

A lighthearted, happy jig in the style of medieval music. Ideal uses could include a scene involving a happy village, elegant tea party or fantasy movie scene.

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