88 02:49

Heartwarming Life is a serene and emotional, acoustic folk song with lovely guitars, piano, strings, and glockenspiel.

113 03:10

Lullaby is a nostalgic and emotional track with a lovely piano and strings.

80 04:24

A very sensual, relaxing and calm lounge track that has a good pace with clear brass, piano and drums. Ideal for advertising (hotels, cars, travel, watches, wines), a romantic seaside scene or real estate.

80 02:24

Earthy and delicate acoustic folk fingerpicking with sparse and emotional piano melodies.

115 01:36

A warm and soulful track with notes that touch your heart and soul.
The simplicity of an Acoustic Guitar with Bass, Drums, Piano and Viola help to paint and tell the stories of Every Living Soul.

124 01:42

A youthful and stylish instrumental track featuring authentic Latin ensemble instruments. Great used as music for a reality TV show, ethnic food commercial or scenes involving the beach and exotic cocktails.

116 01:31

Light acoustic guitar cue featuring piano, strings and synth pad. An uplifting melody creates a peaceful, hopeful and happy mood. For use in TV, film, commercials, videos.

110 02:29

Intimate ballad comprised of piano, strings, winds, drums and chorus. Ideal for love scenes and moving messages with both a tender touch and an intense emotion. The first part of the track develops in an intimate way to finally lead into an intense resolution.

80 02:10

Touching piano with confident, soaring string orchestra, that evokes a sense of loneliness, but at the same time tenderness and the need to embrace each other after a long time of distance and isolation.

80 02:18

Very slow soothing jazz track, composed for muted trumpet, saxophones, piano and brush drums. The mood is quiet, relaxing and calm, some nostalgy and melancholy, even sexy and erotic purposes. Good for productions with urban and relaxing topics. also for other media with soothing and peaceful moods probably in the night and maybe under blankets!

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