140 02:42

Contemporary cinematic royalty free music mixing dry strings and soft piano arpeggios with folk sections and organic elements.
The mood is unique, intimate and emotional, best for intense projects.

80 03:09

An evocative cinematic royalty free music with an overall dreamy mood led by a soft felt piano.
Suitable for intense projects and documentaries related to nature, aerials and life.

70 02:13

Inspiring piano royalty free music featuring cinematic strings and ambient elements, delivering an emotional mood ideal for love, life, wedding and intense projects.

65 02:04

Evocative piano piece with cinematic ambient elements.
The mood is dark and stifling, suitable for dramatic and intense contents.

150 02:01

Uplifting corporate royalty-free music featuring energetic rhythm, elegant orchestral sections and a unique blend of tuned percussions and plucked guitars.
The inspiring and catchy mood is useful for business, technology and lifestyle content.

128 02:11

An intense cinematic royalty free music background with an atmospheric mood and intense vibes.
The arrangement includes modern ambient pads, evocative strings and digital elements.

84 02:15

We’re Tough is a strong, active, energetic and intense hard rock with great guitar riffs.

98 02:03

Scary World is an edgy, intense royalty-free funk-rock. Features a popcorn guitar, fx, a distorted bass, dark guitar slides, and live drums.

150 01:48

Strong, active, energetic, happy and intense pop rock with great guitar riffs.

140 01:46

An intense, energetic royalty free Indie Rock track, with a delay guitar, gritty chords, pads, bass, and drums.

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