110 02:52

A take on the classic “Bo Diddley” groove. Real drums, guitar and bass. The guitar has a very authentic 1950s, 1960’s sound. Builds nicely!

101 01:43

Epic and cinematic music track with hybrid synth pulses and drones, string ostinatos, brass, orchestral percussion and trailer effects. Perfect background for games and trailers.

120 01:48

Inspirational and positive pop rock track featuring electric guitars and electric piano. The uplifting mood is ideal for advertising, presentations and product videos.

130 02:04

Just the up-tempo summertime fun music you’ve been looking for! Great groove with a saxophone melody.

99 03:02

This has a South African upbeat pop sound. Guitars, bass, percussion, vocal chants and saxophone. Very authentic sounds and performances!

118 01:42

Inspiring and uplifting corporate music track with electric guitars, electric piano, multiple percussion instruments, bass guitar, driving drums and a simple piano melody.
Ideal background for any positive and motivational videos and presentations.

118 02:33

Uplifting and emotional pop track with several electric and acoustic guitars, percussion and sound effects, synths, bass and electric piano.
Perfect for setting a positive and inspirational mood.

117 02:33

This corporate pop rock track with electric and acoustic guitars, piano and bells, synth and percussive elements has an simple, inspiring and motivational melody fitting its title “You are not alone”. Perfect for all positive and uplifting video projects.

120 01:40

Uplifting and motivational pop music track with electric guitars, bass, electric piano, drums and percussion.

119 02:16

Positive corporate music track with guitars, drums, bass, piano and synth. Uplifting and inspiring background music for a lot of projects.

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