80 02:24

Earthy and delicate acoustic folk fingerpicking with sparse and emotional piano melodies.

63 01:54

‘Hope is Here’ is a beautiful, emotional, and hopeful Christmas soundtrack. Featuring a sentimental grand piano, mellow choir melodies, gentle strings, bells, and percussion. With a heartwarming spirit, this classical track is optimistic, moving, touching, and joyful.

70 02:58

Under The Calico Sky is a song that represents how the changing of the seasons resembles the changing of of our lives and years come and go.

115 02:36

Harlequin is composed as a theme that provokes dramatic emotion akin to Hollywood films such as The Godfather.

130 02:34

A tender and elegant melody featuring beautiful Piano, strings and cello. This gentle and emotional music track is perfect as a background for wedding, romantic and family videos or sentimental and nostalgic videos.

120 01:47

Nice composition with some celtic and folk influences. Composed for acoustic instruments like guitars, mandolin and accordion, the piece is transporting us to northern landscapes, crossing fields with green grass. Good for advertising, corporate or documentaries.

100 01:27

Acoustic folk music, composed for accordion, guitar, mandolin and wind instruments. Very nice, calm and relaxed, descriptive, this track is very good for happy and calm scenes in film, series and nature scenarios. Also good in all kind of productions on scenes with same moods.

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