98 02:24

Gentle and heartwarming acoustic music track with bright guitars, softly hummed voices, piano, strings, percussions and live drums.

110 02:27

Light and heartwarming acoustic music track to set a soft feel-good mood.
Features ukuleles, acoustic guitars, bells, handclaps, piano, strings and light brushed drums.

78 02:33

Gentle and warmhearted acoustic music track with an easy-going, feel-good mood. Features acoustic guitars, banjo, a stompy bass drum and supporting piano and bells.

120 03:20

A dreamy, inspiring, and hopeful acoustic cinematic piece with organic folk guitars, and uplifting strings. Inspired by romantic films, love stories, and heartwarming moments.

135 02:03

Beautiful, upbeat and positive piece with cascading fingerpicked acoustic guitar and delicate piano melodies with shimmering mellotron flutes. Conveying feelings of peace and reflection.

80 02:24

Earthy and delicate acoustic folk fingerpicking with sparse and emotional piano melodies.

202 02:00

This neo-classical track, reminiscent of John Williams and other contemporary composers, creates a peaceful, beautiful but flowing mood.

105 01:30

Authentic instruments from Asia create a gentle/relaxing bed of sound that evokes a feeling of peace and tranquility. Ideal as music for a scene in China/Asia, meditative or spiritual music or a gentle scene in a garden.

55 01:50

Soft yet bright droning synth pads create a bed of ambience accompanied by gentle cascading harp melodies. Ideal uses could include scenes in heaven, music for meditation, a scene involving god or background music for peaceful images of nature and landscapes.

87 01:45

A tender, loving solo piano performance that evokes a feeling of deep romance and nurture. Great for a scene involving a candlelit dinner, wedding music or background music for someone falling in love.

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