150 02:52

This track is a comic conversation between the instruments. It features instruments like pizzicato strings, marimba, woodwinds and Latin percussion. The Latin percussion gives it a Latin dance vibe as well. The music is divided into sections with different instrumentations. Some of the sections builds gradually up with more and more instruments, and other sections go from light to full instrumentation.

124 01:37

A spooky, fun and quirky Halloween theme with harpsichord, theremin, ghostly vocals, xylophone and pizzicatos.

155 01:24

An upbeat and fun orchestral Halloween track with pizzicato strings, harpsichord, theremin, xylophone, marimbas and organ.

150 01:37

Inspiring and uplifting ukulele tune ideal for happy and quirky contents.
The arrangement also includes marimba, keyboards, additional guitar and light drums.

157 03:00

This is funny music with flute and synth flies playing the main melody with horns section stabs in the style of blues. It could be useful in so many applications and different media projects.

130 01:31

Funny and inspiring ukulele upbeat Folk backed by raw drums and catchy melodies on the piano.
The mood is carefree and easy-going, ideal for outdoors, nature, friends and positive lifestyle related projects.

142 02:33

This is a celebratory, joyful and carefree track. Features funny trombone, deep piano note, tiny palm-muted guitar and shiny bells theme. This track has an optimistic and cheerful mood.

96 02:36

Thank God It’s Friday is a hip pop rock track filled with happiness and fun. When you feel so happy that the weekend is coming. You can hear a piano, an acoustic guitar, electric guitars, drum, bass, a rhodes and different keyboards.

112 02:39

Funny Cowboy Life is a nice folk country / Americana music piece. Featuring electric and acoustic guitar, drum and bass.

180 02:04

Uplifting, inspiring and upbeat track with acoustic guitars, ukulele, banjo, mandolin, drums and bass. This Country/Folk track is great for promotional videos, advertisements, movie trailers, TV ads and YouTube videos.

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