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188 01:11

A vintage rag time piano instrumental reminiscent of old western saloon music. Ideal uses could include music for a bar/saloon scene or vintage black and white vaudeville footage.

147 01:55

A positive and lighthearted orchestral piece that evokes a feeling of happiness. Ideal for a happy commercial, scenes involving people smiling and having fun or as music for children’s programming

149 01:56

A bright/happy instrumental track featuring marimba, xylophone, strings and various percussion. Ideal uses could include a happy commercial or music for children’s programming and corporate videos.

128 01:48

A comical orchestral piece with a feeling of playfulness. Great music for children’s cartoons/programming, a silly/wacky scene or YouTube videos of people playing pranks and sneaking around.

153 01:29

A happy and bright orchestral piece that evokes a feeling of whimsical joy. Ideal uses could include a happy commercial, a scene involving people smiling/clapping or music for children’s programming and joyous occasions like a wedding or anniversary.

124 02:05

Driving Holiday Christmas track with a jangly acoustic guitar and driving drums, featuring catchy group vocals and sleigh bells

125 01:20

Happy Christmas song in a pop style comprised of piano, celesta, drums, claps, bass, tubular bells, electric guitar and children’s choir.

101 01:41

A groovy/jazzy solo piano blues track that creates a lively fun atmosphere.

60 01:00

The pressure is on to answer the quiz questions before the buzzer! Ideal uses could include: a timer for a gameshow, somebody anxiously waiting for something, somebody trying to complete a task within the time limit etc.

135 01:34

A quirky instrumental piece containing various orchestral instruments and percussion that evokes a feeling of stealthy mischief. Ideal uses could include: people quietly sneaking around, a halloween scene, somebody tiptoeing around somebody sleeping, music for a quirky scene etc.

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