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120 02:49

Electronic music very near to New Age style. Very bright and clear, this piece is composed with synthesizers and it has a lot of sound textures. Very magical and powerful. Very good for corporate and business productions. Also for films and advertising. The composition is leaded by an acoustic piano.

110 02:24

Instrumental music made for piano and orchestra. the music is leaded by a piano, playing the main notes with an easy steady rhythm, and later gains energy with the incorporation of the rest of orchestral instruments. The style is very near to soundtrack classical music, and the mood is positive and optimistic, with a sentimental feeling. this music fits perfect on descriptive nature scenes in documentaries and reports. Also very good for a film soundtrack.

140 01:58

Our hero flies an airplane through the city to save the day.

120 05:03

Hybrid epic orchestral and choirs track with pompous rhythm. Song has electronic influences and also electronic drums mixed with real drums. Suitable for hero and action moments or solemn marches. Instrumental, Action, Theme Superhero

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