122 02:09

An uplifting oriental-style track for groovy middle-eastern vibes.
Features oriental instruments with acoustic and flamenco guitars, electric bass, hummed live voices, strings, oriental percussion and drums.

90 02:32

An oriental track using arabian instruments mixed with modern elements for groovy middle eastern vibes.
Features oud and acoustic guitar along with electric bass, oriental percussion, loops and drums.

180 01:44

This motivational soundtrack is an amazing fusion of modern India and the spirit of Konnakol elements. Konnakol is the South Indian or Carnatic vocabulary of vocal syllables used to create rhythmic compositions. A great choice for travel projects, documentaries, dance or ethnic oriented productions.

85 03:06

‘Deep Affection’ is an inspirational, sophisticated, chilled, and uplifting urban track. Featuring analog synthesizers, deep synth bass, modern urban drums, Chinese instruments, and a nostalgic grand piano. This tracks blends elements from lo-fi hip-hop, lounge, chillout, and evokes a deep, warm feeling.

120 02:12

Atmospheric piece inspired by the African wilderness, specifically the Tanzanian Serengeti Desert.

126 02:50

Lot’s of energy and passion! Evokes the feeling of an exotic location. Nylon string guitar plays the melody. A nice live performance feel.

143 01:59

Motivational and positive royalty free Indian track with bansuri, sitar, tanpura and tabla. Best suited to Bollywood film projects, travel, cultural videos, ethnic trailers and YouTube content.

112 01:51

An epic soundtrack inspired by a traditional Arabic music and massive orchestral elements such as ethnic strings, passion oud, groovy darbuka. This background track is perfect for middle eastern video projects and travel videos, Arabian desert scenes or culture and history documentaries.

80 04:56

An ambient chill track with a Tropical/Mediterranean vibe that immediately sets the mood.

85 02:23

This emotional and very pensive royalty free world music soundtrack is a perfect for accompanying a sad, sorrowful or dramatic Bollywood cinematic drama scene. Features bansuri (Indian flute) and ethnic voice with sitar, tanpura and sarod that will reflect the mood of your footage, ethnic trailer, life story, travel and nature documentary or landscape project.

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