88 05:00

This is a laid-back lo-fi instrumental featuring electronic drums, synth, and various flourishes that elicit a calm, relaxing vibe. This clip could help in film projects, radio bits, cartoons, video games, podcasts, blogs and YouTube videos.

80 02:08

Tender Moments is a soft and calming lullaby soundscape. It was composed with meditation, sleep, massage, reiki, and yoga backgrounds in mind. This instrumental soundscape elicits feelings of compassion and love with its soothing energy.

126 07:19

Energetic, dynamic, melodic tech, great for action scenes and documentaries.

70 02:18

A soft evocative female chant backed by acoustic elements and ambient pads.
The mood is dreamy and light, ideal for timpe-lapses, aerials, nature and life projects.

90 02:34

Inspiring ambient royalty free music featuring calm pads, modern synthesizers and emotional melodies delivering a dreamy and ethereal mood.
Ideal for life, science and technology related projects with a more intimate approach.

70 01:39

Evocative ambient piano piece introducing orchestral evolutions on the final section.
The mood is hypnotic and ethereal, suggesting intense footage related to nature, loss, solitude, medical, life and death.

110 02:17

Flowers By The Sea is an inspiring and soothing background track featuring soft guitar arpeggios, wide ambient pads and delicate felt piano.
The positive and dreamy mood is ideal for nature, outdoors, life and travel-related content.

135 01:39

Contemporary royalty-free music featuring acoustic folk strings, organic percussion and soft distant felt piano.
The ethereal and inspiring mood is suitable for life, nature, drama and loss related projects.

80 02:36

Ethereal background music suitable for science, space, technology and medical projects.
The arrangement includes spatial pads, sordino strings and distant piano notes delivering a dreamy and neutral mood.

175 03:46

An up-tempo liquid Drum and bass track starting with a playful and carefree mood with lush vocal and warm pads. This track soon takes flight with fast-paced rolling beats and a dirty gritty bass line underneath. This track moves between light and dark while retaining a warm feel throughout.

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