132.45 02:10

This instrumental feels like an electric guitar hitchhiking and steady drum kick accompanied by a soulful piano in the back seat.

93.75 03:24

This instrumental is an 80’s style throwback with a tight pocket drum, accompanied by a dirty bass and mischievous synths. This current sounding pop track spared no expense on the level of dirty mixed in with the feel good vibe.

73 02:36

Very sensual track made by a tenor sax, delayed guitars, a Rhodes keyboard and smoothy drum beat. Great for erotic content or sex scenes,

117 02:35

A beautifully haunting duet with voice and cello… accented with a deep pulse, mildly menacing strings, and ethereal atmospherics.

106 03:35

Inspired by desert scenes in fantasy adventure films…gently dark and erotic with passionate Middle Eastern instrumentation.

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