115 02:31

Touching the Sky is a powerful and enormous music track. The uplifting and inspirational mood will evoke feelings of success and confidence. Featuring strings, brass, piano, choir, percussions, and synths.

90 02:56

We all have a brand new beginning ahead of us. This track represents that idea. Featuring piano, violin, cello, electronics and percussions.

85 01:33

Epic and enormous track with epic percussion, piano, brass, and synths. The uplifting and inspirational mood will evoke feelings of power and confidence.
We are going to defeat the virus, and we are going to do it TOGETHER!

97 03:24

Somewhere between Mr Bojangles and Pachelbel’s canon, this elegant tune grows from intimate trio to epic orchestral through successive variations. Inspired by the kindness of Sarah at Melodicloud.

120 00:49

A short dynamic cinematic track, with strings background and a brass melody, creating a heroic atmosphere.

94 02:37

Proud and driving, this track features brassy electronic synths and pulsing textures that build as the song progresses to create a determined mood.

115 01:39

A track with a string ostinato rhythmic part and a brass melody giving an epic feeling.

115 03:28

An orchestral track with epic as well as lyrical elements, with flute, oboe and harpsicord parts giving a medieval-renaissance feeling.

120 03:59

A dynamic and emotional orchestral track with a driving percussive background, strings and brass melody and some lyrical piano parts.

101 02:42

Fantasy orchestral music trailer with piano, big brass rythms, string ostinatos, vocal melody and groovy percussion.

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