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95 02:35

“The Arrival” is an epic hybrid orchestral music track with big percussion, big drums, vocal background harmonies and brass section.

90 02:46

Hybrid epic orchestral cinematic trailer music with strings, brass, synthesizer, sound effects, percussion and big booms.

110 02:35

Fantastic orchestral track with a simple melody and counter-melody setting up an inspiring and motivational mood.

90 02:38

This is a hybrid orchestral trailer with piano melody and slight electric guitar tones. The melody is accompanied with vocal samples. The mood is somewhere between dramatic and heroic – a fantasy mood.

160 01:40

A fast, intense instrumental piece featuring drums, synth lead, guitar and synth bass. Ideal uses could include action scenes, intense video game levels or high-speed chase scenes.

122 01:36

A powerful orchestral track with a driving, adventurous spirit. Ideal uses could include films involving pirates and treasure hunts, music for scenes at sea, battle scenes or adventure movies.

147 02:19

An intense/dark orchestral piece that evokes a feeling of danger and urgency. Great music for a battle scene, an intense chase or scenes of someone frantically trying to complete a dangerous task.

185 02:08

An epic orchestral track with a driving feeling of power and danger. Best suited to dynamic scenes in fantasy video games and scenes involving battles or teams competing to win a challenge.

81 02:09

A medium slow orchestral piece with a driving feeling of danger approaching. Ideal uses could include scenes of people approaching a medieval battlefield, fight or war.

75 02:55

Mercy Road is a sobering a reflective song about remembering a time of great hardship, pain and heartache.

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