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110 02:35

Fantastic orchestral track with a simple melody and counter-melody setting up an inspiring and motivational mood.

125 02:24

A royalty-free background music track with catchy funk ingredients such as dazzling brass sections, passionate horns, funky mute guitars, baritone sax parts, live bass lines and groovy drum beat. Make your openers, lifestyle videos, corporate advertising, youtube videos and event promos cooler than ever! It is the ideal tune for projects where a timeless and classic motivational funk music is needed.

125 02:06

“Reel ‘Em In” is an instrumental country rock track inspired by fishing shows and documentaries. Instruments include electric guitars, bass and drums.

85 01:58

This royalty free trap music piece with Arabic and Oriental mood, massive ethnic orchestral strings, 808 sub bass, punchy trap drum beat, synth chops and brass section. For travel video and adventures, openers and intros, podcasts, television promotional videos, slide shows and video blogs

100 04:52

A combination of Swing, Electro and Techno Beats. Its fun, funky, fresh and fast. Includes trumpets, guitars, vocals and old and new drum elements. Perfect background music for YouTube, street lifestyle videos, websites, featurettes, advertising or TV and radio media production.

120 02:30

Fast and energetic uplifting indie rock with a celebratory mood / feel. A versatile track that you can use everywhere. Great for motivational commercials and films, websites, inspirational presentations, advertising and youthful brands.

130 06:05

A heady, energetic and pumping dance track with Middle Eastern vibes and melodies with a few twists that will keep you on your feet.

130 06:59

An anthem loaded track with melodic chords and a driving beat that takes you up into atmospheric heights and chill lows and back up again.

160 00:39

An energetic Rock n’ Roll guitar and drums driven track with traces of Surf music to propel you to that beach party in your mind.

120 02:36

A happy-go-lucky tune with a hint of military march reminiscent of mid-1980’s goofball comedies. The brass is bold and the strings lend support while woodwinds and percussion gives the extra ‘oomph’.

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