125 02:00

This upbeat driving synthesized track mixes funky synthesizers with 80s-styled drums to create a punchy song full of energy and groove.

100 01:50

A groovy, rhythmic funk track using keyboard, bass, guitar, drums, percussion, and synths to create a laid-back yet driven feel that gives a sense of determination and discovery.

130 01:36

A funky, upbeat dance track that takes inspiration from the late 90s, using piano chords and drums to create a groovy rhythm with a saxophone riff over the top.

100 01:07

A short upbeat and funky track that uses brass horns, clavichord chords, drums (with cowbell), and slapped bass guitar to create a positive track fit for parties and winning in the game of life.

120 02:36

An upbeat jazz-funk fusion track featuring electric piano chords, vibraphone melodies, funky bass guitar riffs, and Latin rhythms on drums and percussion, altogether creating an atmosphere of stylish and joyful social interactions.

123 02:00

This upbeat, bouncy track uses a mixture of jazz and electro swing to create a sense of mischievous warfare. Tension is built using trumpet clusters with a driving drum and double bass rhythm, while a playful tune is performed on the saxophone.

125 01:03

Very energetic modern rock music arranged with electronic elements and glitch effects.

128 01:31

Energetic cyberpunk royalty free music with cinematic influences and uplifting melodies.
The mood is aggressive and inspiring, ideal for futuristic, technology, hacking and digital projects.

120 02:14

Inspiring corporate upbeat music with guitar plucks, modern synthesizers and energetic rhythms delivering an overall positive mood.
Ideal for business, technology, lifestyle and commercial projects.

124 09:16

Tribal dub tech, atmospheric soundscape with live percussions and urban aesthetics.

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