115 02:22

An optimistic, energizing, inspiring, positive Rock style track.

163 01:32

A mysterious/sneaky orchestral track with suspicious undertones. Ideal used as music for scenes of someone sneaking around unseen, a spy/secret agent film or a detective cracking the case, general sneaky/mischievous scene etc.

87 02:11

This modern oriental composition is a unique mix of world beat music and powerful electro mood. Ethnic instruments and Arabian orchestral violins are mixed with modern drums and electro glitch sounds. Melodic line is performed on Rebab (bowed string instrument) This powerful, energetic, mysterious and slightly intense ethnic soundtrack is ideal for commercial video projects, movie intro/outro projects, travel video, nature and landscape videos, youtube projects and any kind of media that needs some fresh Oriental Urban underscore.

122 02:09

A dramatic, eccentric, desperate escape.

128 03:42

A happy, at times bouncy track with clear voices that fold across each other in a tapestry of sound.

165 01:16

This is a Techno version of Rimsky-Korsakovs Flight of the bumblebee with busy arpeggios and frantic modular synths imitating the sound of the bee.

131 03:42

This is a cool quirky Jazz tune with a live Jazz band feel staring off with a little guitar supense then rolling along with deep jazz bass line, swinging sax, trumpet and jazz kit breakbeat.

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