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100 01:33

This track describes heroes, heroines and foes with sounds that feel aggressive, clandestine, dangerous and unique all at once.

130 06:59

An anthem loaded track with melodic chords and a driving beat that takes you up into atmospheric heights and chill lows and back up again.

108 01:34

Fun, playful, happy, medium tempo indie dance pop background. Vocal shouts, guitars, brass stabs, organ, plucky synths, mid tempo walking pace drums, sound effect builds and transitions. Energetic intro ideal for advertising, kids tv.

123 02:27

Uplifting, motivating, and inspiring background music. Piano and simple kick drum leads into strings, acoustic guitar. Full rhythm starts 1.05min with dynamic percussion, Hammond organ, anthemic feel gradually builds to ending.

130 02:43

Energetic and futuristic dance background music. Track builds and drops with breaks, transitions, a great foot stomping beat, and a powerful ending! Strong kick, dynamic drums, edgy synth rhythms, dubstep wobble bass, dramatic transitions, choir vocals, repetitive hooks and melody.

92 02:00

A powerful and dynamic cinematic music track with epic synths and percussion, big trailer hits, and blockbuster transition sound effects.

160 01:55

This fast tempo royalty free soundtrack that features cool guitar riffs and pumping powerful drums make your videos or commercials more lively, happier and positive.

125 01:44

Rocking electric lap steel guitar with rock drum beat and bluesy harmonica. Great for traveling or driving on the road.

116 01:42

New sneakers beat is a powerful, driving, moving and inspiring epic cinematic drum percussion track using Taiko drums, snaps, claps, tambourine… This track is perfect for extreme sports videos, commercial, corporate, action video, dance projects and cinematic trailers.

134 02:12

A driving, erotic, and edgy modern orchestral piece with an action scene sense of urgency.

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