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160 01:40

A fast, intense instrumental piece featuring drums, synth lead, guitar and synth bass. Ideal uses could include action scenes, intense video game levels or high-speed chase scenes.

140 01:24

A driving video game track featuring sitar, synth, percussion, tabla and drones. Ideal for a video game involving Egypt, the pyramids and the middle east or as music for a scene in the desert.

100 01:38

Traditional snare and piccolo music for marching. Reminiscent of music from the Civil War and American Revolution, ideal uses could include civil war re-enactment, historical documentaries or scenes involving marching.

185 02:08

An epic orchestral track with a driving feeling of power and danger. Best suited to dynamic scenes in fantasy video games and scenes involving battles or teams competing to win a challenge.

140 01:14

This track is straight up, four on the floor, heavy guitars and drums and all Rock n’ Roll. As Nigel would say, “this one goes to eleven”!

150 02:03

A vintage video game track with an epic/heroic vibe. Ideal uses could include: a character theme for a hero/protagonist, music for gameplay, a video game spoof, music for a high energy cartoon etc.

130 06:05

A heady, energetic and pumping dance track with Middle Eastern vibes and melodies with a few twists that will keep you on your feet.

160 00:39

An energetic Rock n’ Roll guitar and drums driven track with traces of Surf music to propel you to that beach party in your mind.

125 03:12

Warm, hopeful and thoughtful medium tempo background music. Acoustic guitar, piano, bass guitar, drums, relaxed, positive and sensitive feel.

120 02:57

Funky afrobeat complete with deep rumbling bass riffs and exciting horn lines. Organ and electric piano lays down the basics while the funky guitar line adds momentum.

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