74 02:51

Motivational atmosphere music with Spanish / Latin guitars and a Spanish rhythm percussion with string ensemble. This music creates a mood of courage and evokes feelings of the history of Latin culture mixed with modern composition and effects.

89 02:26

Cinematic and uplifting piano and string track with powerful percussions. Ideal for trailer, action and dramatic scenes, epic sequences, time lapses and heroic soundtracks.

120 03:24

An uptempo, adrenaline charged contemporary orchestral piece. Dark horns, pounding drums and rock guitar meets beautiful violin melody.

110 02:02

This track is rhythmic and heavy, strong and powerful using rock guitars, heavy drums with powerful rhythm, cellos and shakers.

Guitar tuning: drop D.

81 02:13

This track is a cry to save what we have left of our planet. Featuring simple yet effective repeated mantra throughout a bed of smooth distant vocals.

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