90 02:33

This track is a powerful rock song with electric guitar riffs, claps and powerful drums. Ideal for action trailers, funny games, sports or commercial clips.

120 02:14

This track will be a dominant tune on Monday morning, your first workday of the week! Music box sound will wake up you. It is a happy, upbeat carefree folk whistle music track with ukulele,
positive vibes, hand-clapping and an energetic chorus.

100 02:10

A dynamic, energetic song featuring a catchy, rhythmic rock theme with electric guitar, tambourine, hand claps, whistling and rock drums.

85 02:16

Chill Out And Whistle is a bouncy royalty-free jazz swing track and a very happy tune. Featuring jazzy acoustic bass guitar with swinging drums, stomps, claps and snaps and a bright ukulele. Some light piano chops with tiny bells, xylophone and cool chill-out whistling melody that you will wear as a necklace to show to all your friends and family!

154 02:00

Irish Soul is a folk acoustic track with an Irish vibe. You can feel a cloudy mood supported by the Irish pride. Emotional describes this piece well with bagpipes, guitar, piano and electric guitar.

170 02:45

This is an uplifting and joyful track with an optimistic and cheerful mood. Features hip-hop rhythms, harp, xylophone, handclaps and bells.

120 02:11

Celebration is a feel good modern track that evokes a holiday feel.

115 02:08

Just Hope is an Indie Folk track with an inspiring and upbeat feeling. Features real instruments including acoustic guitars, ukulele, banjo, mandolin, drums and bass. Ideal for promotional videos, commercials, advertisements, YouTube videos and corporate presentations.

120 05:37

Electronic House music track with a nightlife, party and clubbing vibe. Great for reality TV and modern lifestyle productions.

202 01:00

A happy, catchy royalty-free folk style tune, with whistles, ukuleles, strings, glockenspiel and tambourines. Ideal for kids ads, family or home projects.

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