130 02:04

An upbeat dance-like track that starts with calm piano chords then takes inspiration from the 90s with a medium-tempo drumbeat and adds a groovy bassline and airy, phasing chords to create a lively track.

120 01:26

A fun, upbeat, and driven track with groovy drums, electric bass and guitar, and brass horns, creating a positive and bouncy atmosphere in a ‘winning’ song.

130 01:36

A funky, upbeat dance track that takes inspiration from the late 90s, using piano chords and drums to create a groovy rhythm with a saxophone riff over the top.

100 01:07

A short upbeat and funky track that uses brass horns, clavichord chords, drums (with cowbell), and slapped bass guitar to create a positive track fit for parties and winning in the game of life.

100 00:43

A short upbeat track that uses slapped bass, funky clavichord chords, bright horn melodies, and a groovy drumbeat to create a celebratory ‘winning’ sound.

130 11:32

Powerful comosition. Great for action movies, gyms, and sci-fi themes.

126 07:14

Powerful composition, repeating euphoric patterns, great for action movies and documentaries.

154 01:53

Rock the party is an energetic fun rock background music track with massive drums and uplifting guitar riffs and accordion.

105 02:39

‘Swinging Whistle’ is a bouncy jazz swing track and a very happy dance tune. Features jazzy bass guitar, swinging drums, ukulele and light piano solo with tiny bells and a simple whistling melody.

120 02:14

This track will be a dominant tune on Monday morning, your first workday of the week! Music box sound will wake up you. It is a happy, upbeat carefree folk whistle music track with ukulele,
positive vibes, hand-clapping and an energetic chorus.

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