80 03:09

An evocative cinematic royalty free music with an overall dreamy mood led by a soft felt piano.
Suitable for intense projects and documentaries related to nature, aerials and life.

98 02:08

Inspiring piano piece with subtle orchestral elements delivering intimate and soothing vibes. Ideal for romance, wedding and love related content.

110 02:17

Flowers By The Sea is an inspiring and soothing background track featuring soft guitar arpeggios, wide ambient pads and delicate felt piano.
The positive and dreamy mood is ideal for nature, outdoors, life and travel-related content.

135 02:00

A unique royalty-free music track featuring acoustic folk strings, organic percussion and soft distant felt piano.
The mood is ethereal and inspiring, suitable for life, nature, drama and loss related projects.

80 02:36

Ethereal background music suitable for science, space, technology and medical projects.
The arrangement includes spatial pads, sordino strings and distant piano notes delivering a dreamy and neutral mood.

125 02:16

A hopeful, gentle and positive pop track featuring muted riff guitar, gentle bells and an acoustic guitar solo theme. Ideal for trendy commercials, travel and nature videos, vlogs and YouTube content.

115 02:40

‘Cinematic Rising Sun’ is a beautiful and powerful track with an emotional piano theme. Features gentle piano chords, strong electric guitar, staccato strings and epic drums.

134 03:49

Beautiful and inspiring acoustic track featuring guitar, violin, vocals, and accordion.

70 03:04

Try is a delicate, bittersweet royalty free acoustic track, with slow guitars, keyboard pads and an upright bass.

102 01:50

A warm, inspiring royalty free acoustic guitar driven folk track, with wide pads and an airy piano.

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