108 01:17

A dark, brooding minimal piece. Echoing lead guitars, backed by subtle pads and oscillating bass, joined later by a pulsing, gritty loop. Evoking feelings of sadness and regret, this cue is perfect for melancholy scenes, or brooding/night-time shots.

50 03:02

This track is a slow, sombre, melancholy orchestral piece. A sad underscore.

150 03:26

A trap track with a difference – the main voice is a lonely sine wave portamento that guides the listener through the journey of sound.

65 02:18

Sparse and hauntingly sweet. Cold and lonely in the deep, dark swamp.

94 01:50

Royalty-free synthpop instrumental music with calm retro synthwave feel for 80s technology video, reflective vlog.

65 01:53

Ominous Tension Cue, with film score suspense elements featuring pulsing rhythms, scrapes and moans to create a tense and uneasy mood.

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