140 04:16

A weird electronic track with an arabesque/oriental piano riff and a particular electronic rhythm. Special with strings and an atmospheric piano that grows towards the solo in the end.

125 03:23

A track that expresses the end of a tough romantic story, with a simple acoustic arpeggio and a climax toward the ending.

80 03:06

A meditative track that contains a series of synthesizers layered to create a moving pad that supports a light piano melody that is joined by a lyrical soprano saxophone counter-melody. This creates a feeling of calm serenity.

70 02:45

Calm and meditative cinematic harp, flute, and string piece perfect for videos about East Asia, videogames, advertising, documentaries and more.

135 02:59

A royalty free underscore, with a fantasy cinematic mood. Features deep piano, fantasy celesta, strings and brass, flute, ethnic percussion, epic drums, some pads and fx. Perfect for fantasy films, landscapes, trailers, promos, montages, travel and time-lapse projects, etc.

100 02:40

A futuristic, electronic royalty-free ambient track, with keys, deep piano, airy FX, modern beats, guitars and E strings, best for time-lapses, tech vlogs or explainers

78 02:07

A dreamy, ethereal royalty free ambient piece, with an airy piano, strings, flutes, pads, harps, and percussion, best for time-lapses, nature, or slow-motion videos.

64 05:00

Peaceful Sunset is a meditative, ambient track featuring synthesizers and numerous electronic flourishes. The calming, soothing energy and the longer nature of this instrumental ensure the listener will be a part of this blissful journey.

100 02:19

Inspiring and cinematic royalty free music featuring synthesizers and minimal electronic elements blended into organic strings and mallets.
The mood is neutral and reflective, suitable for time-lapse, technology, science, medical and innovation.

70 03:15

Intense cinematic underscore featuring ambient drones, sparse textures and an evocative piano melody on top.
The mood is dreamy and slightly dark, suitable for intimate and atmospheric projects.

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