75 01:12

A playful and mischievous track that uses a small orchestral ensemble to play simplistic motifs that create an image of playing kids opening Christmas presents or cute animals and their curiosity.

120 02:14

This track will be a dominant tune on Monday morning, your first workday of the week! Music box sound will wake up you. It is a happy, upbeat carefree folk whistle music track with ukulele,
positive vibes, hand-clapping and an energetic chorus.

195 02:39

Upbeat Indie Whistle is an energetic track featuring catchy whistling and indie style drums that evoke a happy feel.

125 02:16

A hopeful, gentle and positive pop track featuring muted riff guitar, gentle bells and an acoustic guitar solo theme. Ideal for trendy commercials, travel and nature videos, vlogs and YouTube content.

100 02:10

A dynamic, energetic song featuring a catchy, rhythmic rock theme with electric guitar, tambourine, hand claps, whistling and rock drums.

170 02:45

This is an uplifting and joyful track with an optimistic and cheerful mood. Features hip-hop rhythms, harp, xylophone, handclaps and bells.

120 02:11

Celebration is a feel good modern track that evokes a holiday feel.

100 02:17

Lovely, feel-good, and reflective dream-pop track with an uplifting blend of modern vocal chops, synths, mallet percussion and drums.

125 01:26

A World/Orchestral track that emotes white sand, azure vistas and luxurious surroundings. Food, travel and lifestyle are a definite fit for this short and sweet number.

130 02:12

This background track follows you on your perfect adventure around the world with a tropical vibe! It’s a percussion piece with exotic sounds of marimba, xylophone and hang drum. This atmospheric music theme is ideal for documentary projects, discovery channels, travel movies and geographic videos.

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