118 02:23

A bright and easy-going acoustic track with a whistled tune, ukuleles, bells, strings and drums. Created to support an inspirational, happy and touching mood.

100 01:57

‘Happy Whistle’ is a unique and positive serenade of life and happy days! This is a bouncy and very cheerful tune, featuring acoustic guitar, ukulele, light piano, accordion and a simple but catchy whistling melody.

105 02:39

‘Swinging Whistle’ is a bouncy jazz swing track and a very happy dance tune. Features jazzy bass guitar, swinging drums, ukulele and light piano solo with tiny bells and a simple whistling melody.

120 02:14

This track will be a dominant tune on Monday morning, your first workday of the week! Music box sound will wake up you. It is a happy, upbeat carefree folk whistle music track with ukulele,
positive vibes, hand-clapping and an energetic chorus.

195 02:39

Upbeat Indie Whistle is an energetic track featuring catchy whistling and indie style drums that evoke a happy feel.

100 02:10

A dynamic, energetic song featuring a catchy, rhythmic rock theme with electric guitar, tambourine, hand claps, whistling and rock drums.

130 02:00

This track is an upbeat fashionable track featuring a happy whistle theme, dance rhythm, electric guitar, xylophone, and synth. Suitable for fashion videos and joyful presentations.

94 02:07

Happy feel-good acoustic tune to set an uplifting easygoing and cheerful mood.
Features ukuleles, whistles, handclaps, glockenspiel, bells, piano and bouncy drums.

108 01:50

A playful music track in an easygoing feelgood mood with ukuleles, guitars, bells, drums and percussion.

202 01:00

A happy, catchy royalty-free folk style tune, with whistles, ukuleles, strings, glockenspiel and tambourines. Ideal for kids ads, family or home projects.

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