100 01:27

A unique corporate acoustic track featuring original combinations of acoustic instruments, found sounds, violin and tuned percussions.
The mood is positive, bright and inspiring, ideal for life, nature, outdoors, family and home related projects.

130 02:29

Contemporary cinematic piece with an intimate string quartet, introducing soft bells and a bowed piano on the final sections.
The mood is neutral and reflective, ideal for dialogues, drama, nature, and life projects.

98 03:00

A calm and sentimental melody moving from harp to flutes and finally to the violin leading to an emotional full orchestra climax and ending softly but with a touch of mystery.

100 03:17

‘Real Life Heroes’ is a hopeful, uplifting, inspirational, and motivational orchestral track. Featuring grand piano, orchestral strings, drums, and percussion. With a sentimental, heroic, and overcoming feeling. Inspiring, and heartwarming.

Varies 01:42

Hopeless is a piece created to take your footage to a deep level of emotion. The intense and profound mood will evoke feelings of melancholy and sadness. Featuring solo piano, strings, and a subtle electronic pad.

98 02:19

Do you need a sensual and catchy track? Something fresh that reminds you of summer? This is your track. A Latin and orchestral reggaeton hybrid. Featuring catchy melody and hot Latin rhythms, with violin, string section, percussion, brass, and synths

118 01:51

Summer Vibes is a positive and bright track with EDM and acoustic elements. The energetic and uplifting mood will evoke feelings of joy and fun. Grab a beer and enjoy!

115 01:39

A track with a string ostinato rhythmic part and a brass melody giving an epic feeling.

80 02:25

A soft violin melody with a piano background, calm and melancholic, creating a very sentimental atmosphere.

170 01:48

Comical, lighthearted, upbeat and mischievous orchestral stabs and melodic steps that can emote a mouse stealing cheese or other cute baby animals learning to walk, stumbling and falling down.

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