70 01:47

Instrumental composition with piano and strings with a calm, tender and sometimes melancholic mood. The music is accompanied by harp and bass pizzicato that describes the calm and loneliness of a beautiful autumn landscape. This track can work well as a background in TV series or films.

115 01:36

A warm and soulful track with notes that touch your heart and soul.
The simplicity of an Acoustic Guitar with Bass, Drums, Piano and Viola help to paint and tell the stories of Every Living Soul.

120 03:29

A beautiful romantic, sad and emotional composition for piano, viola, cello and strings.

52 01:27

Sentimental moments. Emotional, uplifting cello and moving, tender strings.

140 03:45

Elegant and stylish chill out music with calm reflective feel. Royalty free music for technology documentaries, gamming and contemporary video productions.

166 01:10

This pleasant and pure orchestral track is part americana, part classical waltz. Organic, authentic, pure, and singable melodies. Perfect for documentaries, intro themes, TV, film, and all media.

60 02:00

A sad, foreboding cinematic music theme with a dark strings orchestra, ideal for drama movies, funeral scenes or historical documentaries.

60 02:31

A dramatic, foreboding cinematic music theme with sad strings and woodwinds, ideal for movies, drama shows, war scenes or historical documentaries.

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