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132 01:38

A wondrous, mystical instrumental piece featuring piano, synth and orchestral instruments. Ideal as music for an adventure or fantasy scene, a film involving mystical beings and creatures, scenes in heaven or music for meditation.

127 01:34

Step into the new age with this modern synth corporate track featuring synths, synth drums, digital swells and soft pads. Great used as music for a technology commercial, college or university promotional video, scenes in a hi-tech laboratory or as music for a training video.

124 01:33

A modern electronic synth track with an edgy, suspenseful vibe. Great for scenes of extreme tension involving computer hackers, criminals, robots or artificial intelligence.

130 01:30

A mysterious instrumental track featuring modern synths and production. Would work well in scenes involving crime investigations, detectives and secret agents or as music for news specials.

111 02:57

Inspired by Edgar Winter’s Frankenstein, this Synth Rock heavy song is loaded with ghoulish grooves, searingly spooky melodies and weird effects that will soon make this the soundtrack to Transylvania Ville.

118 03:30

The Spacebar on a Saturday night is where aliens, androids, robots and electronerds come to dance and socialize. Upbeat pulsing space drums under pumping synth bass and topped up with atmospheric melody lines to carry you through the universe.

75 01:28

Happy haunting to all you tortured souls waltzing through cemeteries. Horror movies, murder/mysteries and who dunnits all need the perfect spooktacular vibe to help set the chiller thriller mood.

108 01:58

Dark, airy cue with distortion synth stabs featuring lead synth

101 02:06

Suspenseful, hypnotic cue with ambient pads, featuring a plucking synth lead.

118 02:07

Investigative, dark tension track with pulsating synth bass, featuring synth lead and sparse drum hits

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