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142 01:38

A high-energy synth-based rock instrumental that evokes a nostalgic, retro party atmosphere. Ideal uses could include: an 80s film/spoof, a scene in a nightclub/bar, music for credits rolling, an 80s road trip scene, music for videos of people with big/long hair, footage from the 1980s etc.

131 02:00

A mellow, bright instrumental piano piece layered with soft synth pads evoking a feeling of wonder, tranquility and inspiration. Ideal uses could include scenes in heaven, music for meditation or a scene in a new age spa, background music for images of nature and music for a fantasy video game.

112 01:27

A positive, inspiring corporate track with a tropical vibe evoking a feeling of optimism and progress. Ideal uses could include corporate training videos for a tropical resort or music for high-end luxury hotels and island getaways.

134 01:42

A dark and ominous instrumental piece featuring piano, synths, swells, drums, percussion, harp and sound effects. Ideal uses could include music for a Halloween scene, tense and spooky scenes or an intense encounter between enemies.

76 01:54

A mysterious instrumental piece featuring various percussion, synths and sound FX that evokes a secretive vibe. Ideal uses could include music for a video game and scenes of someone sneaking around suspiciously or an undercover spy mission.

55 01:50

Soft yet bright droning synth pads create a bed of ambience accompanied by gentle cascading harp melodies. Ideal uses could include scenes in heaven, music for meditation, a scene involving god or background music for peaceful images of nature and landscapes.

87 01:33

A quirky dramedy track featuring modern synthesizers that evokes a silly/sneaky vibe. Ideal as music for a reality show and scenes involving stealthy behaviour etc.

120 01:43

A wondrous, mystical instrumental piece featuring piano, synth and orchestral instruments. Ideal music for a fantasy or adventure scene, a film involving mystical beings and creatures, scenes in heaven or as music for meditation.

60 03:25

Soft ambient layers of synth pads and drones create a soothing meditative atmosphere accompanied by lush shimmering piano melodies. Ideal as music for meditation, images slideshows of vast landscapes or heavenly scenes.

138 01:35

An inspirational piano and orchestral track that evokes a feeling of positivity and progress. Ideal for a scene involving people helping the community, a commercial for a college/university, podcast music or as music for a highlight reel.

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