80 02:08

Inspiring Meditative and Dreamy Lullaby is a soft and calming soundscape. It was composed with meditation, sleep, massage, reiki, and yoga backgrounds in mind. This instrumental soundscape elicits feelings of compassion and love with its soothing energy.

136 01:04

This is the sound of Scorpio! While most may think of a dark energy, the interpretation here is more mysterious and playful. Featuring synthesizer, bass and slide guitar, this instrumental elicits feelings of relaxation and bliss.

106 05:00

Just Breathe is a blissful, meditative ambient instrumental. Featuring windchimes, drones, and numerous electronic instruments, this atmospheric track conjures up feelings of peace and love.

128 04:03

Uplifting song, action and driving scenes suggestions. Pleasant for either film, tv commercials and/or radio. Song built with a strong bass-line and varied percussion.

100 02:19

Inspiring and cinematic royalty free music featuring synthesizers and minimal electronic elements blended into organic strings and mallets.
The mood is neutral and reflective, suitable for time-lapse, technology, science, medical and innovation.

128 05:39

Technology and humanity. Melodic Techno vibe. Strong synth bass and percussion. Uplifting and a little suspense.

84 02:17

This is modern blues rock track, positive and uplifting evoke powerful and free feel using electric guitar, rock drums, hand percussions and synth.

130 02:05

An indie royalty-free upbeat featuring prominent bass lines, catchy synthesizer lines and a solid rhythmic section.
The mood is motivating and energetic, ideal for sports, lifestyle, business and gaming projects.

91 02:21

This energetic, powerful and aggressive hard rock track could fit almost every action and energetic scene. Features hard guitar riffs with powerful drums and bass.

60 03:33

This is a powerful, horrifying, frightening and scary cinematic track featuring clock, scary FX sounds and Taiko drums. This track is ideal for horror, action and adventure videos, commercial, and epic trailers.

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