132 01:03

Star Signs is an urgent electronic instrumental featuring bells, strings, windchimes, and drums. Eliciting moody and dramatic vibes, this track has an adventurous feel that could help with a wide array of projects.

100 02:19

Inspiring and cinematic royalty free music featuring synthesizers and minimal electronic elements blended into organic strings and mallets.
The mood is neutral and reflective, suitable for time-lapse, technology, science, medical and innovation.

115 02:37

This track is in the suspense, dark-crime-scenes genre. It has a constant guitar playing a simple figure. Around that, a suspenseful dark and ambient soundscape build up. At the end there is a constant pulse/beat, that ends with a Gong hit.

110 02:59

This track is in an action/epic style. It has a strong “build up” function starting with keys that grow intensively with big staccato strings, deep horns, strong percussion and a huge choir at the end. It uses the same four chords throughout the track which makes it coherent even though the instrumentation changes.

150 01:32

This track is in a happy forward-moving adventure style. It’s a full symphonic orchestration with a strong melody line played by trumpets and violins in a very heroic way. The track features an A and a B section. The A-section is calmer and playful whereas the B-section is the big heroic part.

60 03:30

This track consists of a piano, 5-part strings and orchestral percussion. It goes from soft and light piano to grandiose and emotional with the strings and percussion. The soft parts are very intimate. The grandiose parts with full strings and percussion open’s up the track making it more sad and heartbroken.

100 01:55

Noisy, cinematic background made of ambient textures, pulsing drones and subtle piano melodies. Ideal for dark footage related to tension, horror, crime and space.

85 02:04

An intimate contemporary royalty-free music with melancholic vibes arranged on a string quartet and led by piano and electric guitar.
The unique blend makes it suitable for intense cinematic projects related to life, death, nature and raw scenery.

70 03:15

Intense cinematic underscore featuring ambient drones, sparse textures and an evocative piano melody on top.
The mood is dreamy and slightly dark, suitable for intimate and atmospheric projects.

90 04:56

The piece starts with a conversation between piano and clarinet, quickly joined by a complete woodwind section, cello and violins. Brass and string ostinatos take over as the tension and drama build.

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