122 02:09

An uplifting oriental-style track for groovy middle-eastern vibes.
Features oriental instruments with acoustic and flamenco guitars, electric bass, hummed live voices, strings, oriental percussion and drums.

90 02:32

An oriental track using arabian instruments mixed with modern elements for groovy middle eastern vibes.
Features oud and acoustic guitar along with electric bass, oriental percussion, loops and drums.

90 01:41

Hypnotic and a bit trippy. Might be good for that 1960’s flashback scene. Indian instruments and vocal chants paint the picture of an exotic land!

120 02:02

Bollywood style instrumental with lots of energy, percussion and a few vocal samples for spice. Animated, passionate, and traditional!

105 02:10

Confident yet on the light side, authentic Indian instruments like sitars and tablas perform a traditional sounding and melodic piece of music.

92 02:20

Authentic and melodic this Bollywood Dance track features genuine Indian musical instruments to create an inspirational mood.

114 02:08

Indian music cue made up of authentic instruments of India. Mystical, rhythmic, bright and a bit hypnotic.

90 02:03

Calm, atmospheric and dreamy track with the indian flute Bansuri. Great for deep meditation and yoga, travel, lifestyle and nature documentaries, soundscapes and all kinds of beautiful backgrounds.

140 01:24

A driving video game track featuring sitar, synth, percussion, tabla and drones. Ideal for a video game involving Egypt, the pyramids and the middle east or as music for a scene in the desert.

143 01:59

Motivational and positive royalty free Indian track with bansuri, sitar, tanpura and tabla. Best suited to Bollywood film projects, travel, cultural videos, ethnic trailers and YouTube content.

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