87 02:43

This track is centred around a mystical feeling with a touch of the 80’s crime movies. It is groovy and has a constant drive from a marimba. Around the marimba different instruments are added like synth-pads, a groovy bassline and later some heavy percussion. It features a 1980s style melody line played by the synthesizer.

150 02:52

This track is a comic conversation between the instruments. It features instruments like pizzicato strings, marimba, woodwinds and Latin percussion. The Latin percussion gives it a Latin dance vibe as well. The music is divided into sections with different instrumentations. Some of the sections builds gradually up with more and more instruments, and other sections go from light to full instrumentation.

150 01:37

Inspiring and uplifting ukulele tune ideal for happy and quirky contents.
The arrangement also includes marimba, keyboards, additional guitar and light drums.

90 02:32

An oriental track using arabian instruments mixed with modern elements for groovy middle eastern vibes.
Features oud and acoustic guitar along with electric bass, oriental percussion, loops and drums.

110 02:24

‘Digital Joy’ is a feel-good, upbeat, and catchy electronic fusion of futuristic synths, deep synth bass, uplifting percussion and beautiful melodies.

120 02:20

An inspirational, corporate track with a leading ukulele, piano and guitar accompaniment, airy backdrop, and Indie Pop Rock bias.

129 01:18

Lively and friendly, pop music meets traditional African instruments.

120 01:16

Done in the style of Thailand using authentic instruments. Has two distinct sections. Percussion, cymbals, handclaps and a marimba type instrument.

130 02:12

This background track follows you on your perfect adventure around the world with a tropical vibe! It’s a percussion piece with exotic sounds of marimba, xylophone and hang drum. This atmospheric music theme is ideal for documentary projects, discovery channels, travel movies and geographic videos.

105 02:20

A playful royalty free track with a half funny, half tense investigation vibe. Includes mallet percussion such as xylophone, marimba, vibraphone. Suitable for comedic scenes, cartoons, videos about animals, whimsical commercials, YouTube videos and advertising animations.

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