150 01:51

Inspiring glitch royalty-free music featuring modern cold elements blended with organic foley samples.
The mood is cold and reflective, ideal for tech, science, business and lifestyle projects.

135 02:09

This is a horrifying, frightening and scary heavy rock track using guitar, bass, powerful drums, bells, scary FX sounds and strings. This track is perfect for horror, action and adventure videos, commercial, and cinematic trailers.

125 02:16

A hopeful, gentle and positive pop track featuring muted riff guitar, gentle bells and an acoustic guitar solo theme. Ideal for trendy commercials, travel and nature videos, vlogs and YouTube content.

100 03:14

Relaxing and inspiring digital lullaby featuring dreamy melodies over a background of delicate ambient pads and synthesizers.
Suitable for relaxation, meditation, time-lapse and aerial contents.

142 02:33

This is a celebratory, joyful and carefree track. Features funny trombone, deep piano note, tiny palm-muted guitar and shiny bells theme. This track has an optimistic and cheerful mood.

99 02:27

Cosy and warm folk pop with a carefree and summery mood.

97 01:42

Uplifting pop with ukulele, glockenspiel and handclaps with a light and happy mood.

100 02:00

An upbeat and positive acoustic track featuring glockenspiel, acoustic guitars, claps, and hand percussion. Ideal for cooking videos, family montages, and social media commercials.

110 03:07

Uplifting acoustic music featuring piano, acoustic guitar, glockenspiel, strings, bass and human whistle. Ideal for positive and happy scenes in TV, films and advertising or productions featuring children or funny topics.

128 02:14

‘You Found This’ is a positive and upbeat Pop track that features a choppy female vocal with a good vibes and beautiful melodies. The song starts with a retro style drum machine and builds up to a modern beat with a twist of nostalgia but with an uplifting feeling.

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