Electric Piano

110 02:59

This track is in an action/epic style. It has a strong “build up” function starting with keys that grow intensively with big staccato strings, deep horns, strong percussion and a huge choir at the end. It uses the same four chords throughout the track which makes it coherent even though the instrumentation changes.

70 02:13

Inspiring piano royalty free music featuring cinematic strings and ambient elements, delivering an emotional mood ideal for love, life, wedding and intense projects.

82 02:21

This track is a powerful rock song with electric guitar riffs, acoustic guitar, claps and smashing drums, best for action trailers, games, sports or commercial clips.

150 01:51

Inspiring glitch royalty-free music featuring modern cold elements blended with organic foley samples.
The mood is cold and reflective, ideal for tech, science, business and lifestyle projects.

98 02:08

Inspiring piano piece with subtle orchestral elements delivering intimate and soothing vibes. Ideal for romance, wedding and love related content.

125 02:13

A reflective, inspiring royalty-free corporate pop track with hypnotic guitars, piano, keys, fx, and steady drums.

105 02:57

Positive, acoustic instrumental music featuring guitar, glockenspiel, piano, cello, violin and strings. Ideal for optimistic and hopeful topics in films, tv series and nature documentaries. Also great for events and presentations.

160 04:07

A powerful and inspiring track with a piano background, driving percussion, string ostinato and a heroic brass melody. Ideal for epic scenes, action trailers, heroic films and other projects requiring a dynamic atmosphere.

79 02:13

Inspiring piano and orchestral background music track with strings, brass, electric guitar, synth drones, percussion, drums and deep trailer effects.

115 02:37

Very emotional and inspiring piano and orchestral background music track with strings, brass, acoustic and electric guitar, bass, synth drones, synth pad and deep trailer effects.

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